Vuba Imagineers is a professional engineering services provider which has been in existence since 1997. It was founded by Mr B.F. Vuba and has since grown to include two additional members, two additional offices and one international office.

From 1997, the company operated its head office in Queenstown, Eastern Cape Province and two branch offices opened in Port Shepstone and Newcastle in KwaZulu-Natal. In late 2011, the head office was relocated to Port Shepstone and late 2012, in Harare, Zimbabwe was opened.

Over the years we have deliberately remained purely African owned and operated at a cost but we do not regret since clients and people of conscience have and will support our cause.

      About Us....

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Vuba Imagineers seeks to provide professional engineering services in a responsive, responsible, timely, high quality and selfless manner to our clients and the public at large. To that end, we plan to man our practice with men and women of quality and conscience.

     Our Mission....

By the very nature of our business, we are bound and forced to be good listeners. This becomes an essential ingredient towards understanding and developing, not only technical problems but also provide social engineering solutions.
Despite massive challenges we are proud to have anchored our company in the HTH principle where Honesty, Transparency and Humility is the order of the day. This principle will never be surrendered despite massive and persistant challenges that seek to derail not only our faith in the profession but also the human spirit.

    Our Commitment....

Water Supply Systems
Sewer Systems
Storm Water Systems
Building Works
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