A recent investment that Vuba Imagineers has undertaken is the opening of a Geographic Information System (GIS) section. This section is so wide such that one needs to narrow it down. GIS allows governments to gather information of all types in one database. Such database then allows easy analysis of the status of the variables being questioned. For example, one could assess a road linking two cities and capture all relevant attributes like culverts, bridges, road signs, etc in a single database. When, for example, there are floods and a certain bridge is known to have collapsed, one is immediately able to determine the immediate effects on the population affected by the collapse.
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In another example, a municipality may capture all its water and sewer network inclusive of pipe sizes, classes, diameters, etc. The database can go on further and record all repairs to the system. Keeping of the database as well as all essential attributes allows high order decision making to be done at a macro and micro scale. The city engineer may, based upon the attributes on the database, decide to upgrade some water networks. Also some municipalities loose revenue due to them not knowing which consumers are billed or not. A water loss management system can also be a spin-off of the GIS system.

In summary, use of GIS is currently inevitable and the sooner asset owners adopt the system, the better of it will be to manage the same assets in the future.
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