It is ever becoming important to organize, monitor, administer and manage projects for clients who may not have time to execute such oversight themselves. This role can be easily detached from the traditional construction monitoring in that it is an overarching responsibility that looks at the total conduct of all parties executing a project. For example, a developer may need to construct a huge shopping mall and he then engages all the technical team members and then assign a project manager to be the only port of call by all those assigned to execute different duties or services. Generally, a client would first engage a project manager who will then advise the client on various disciplines that are necessary to effectively deliver the product. Vuba Imagineers has the necessary skills and expertise to undertake assignments of this nature for both public and private clients.

On the other hand, Program Management, is concerned with large scale and large area project management where, say a national program of infrastructure development is undertaken by government and one port of call is established which will see to the total national coordination and management of the public program towards the delivery of the services. On a large national scale, one could have a provincial program manager who in turn would report to a national program manager.
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